Business intelligence: how we can help you

We tailor your research each step of the way, from blueprint to final reporting. Our research is based on data from reliable sources: principally national and international purchasers of corporate legal services. Our clients also benefit from the TopLegal Archive and the best desk research in the Italian legal publishing sector. Our analysis is designed to maximize practical outcomes and support our clients’ strategic and investment decisions.

Services: what we focus on

Your law firm

You may be convinced of your firm’s strengths and distinctiveness. That doesn’t mean the market shares your view. That’s why we benchmark your firm, its teams, and individual partners against the expectations of clients.

Your clients

What clients expect and value often isn’t what law firms believe they do. Then again, clients don’t always tell you what they really think—but you can’t improve what you don’t know. That all adds up to a significant disconnect. Our business intelligence helps align your firm with your clients’ needs and objectives.

Your strategy

Does your law firm model reflect market demands? Does your strategy suit your clients? We can uncover your model’s potential and its scope to evolve. In pre-merger situations, we can also provide you with due diligence to identify synergies and reveal conflicts.

Your competitors

Every law firm competes to protect its existing market share while also seeking to gain new clients. We identify the opportunities and threats to your business by scrutinizing your direct and potential competitors. By benchmarking their performance against your own, you can learn what your competitors are getting right and where to focus to improve your performance.

Your market

Why do your clients choose your competitors? How can you compete in sectors where your rivals enjoy an established reputation? Our intelligence identifies how to fully exploit opportunities, reveals potential areas for growth, shows you how to win and maintain new clients.